Opportunity to participate in the fastest growing sector in Brazil!

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We Brazil Energy have the capacity to realize importation of photovoltaic components from all over the globe.

There is no restriction for our activities!

We committed ourselves to always look for great business and products opportunities with our partners, all the logistic process made by the company is highly efficient, the material can come from Santos Seaport or Viracopos Airport and then stored and distributed for all the national territory from our headquarter located in Campinas, São Paulo.

Solar Energy Advantages


The system is completely free of noises and sound

Real estate



System has low maintenance and long durability

The system valuates the property by about 10%

High Technology Products


The inverter, known as the heart of any photovoltaic system, It is the most sophisticated component of it.

Normally located outdoors and needs to work in adverse conditions, such as: Rain, humidity, extreme heat and even snow.


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